About Varda Chocolatier

It was a crisp autumn day…

And New York hummed with the excitement of the concert season. At Lincoln Center, Beethoven’s 2nd piano concerto was to be performed that evening by Varda Shamban, Juilliard graduate and top prize winner at the Munich International Competition. Violinists, cellists and singers dropped by her apartment to wish the best and as usual, the aroma of fine chocolate greeted them at the entrance. “Thar’s why you have come, to taste my truffles,” she laughed. Yes, chocolate had been her second passion and that night was the brilliant culmination of one art form the beginning of the next.

Twenty years later, musicians still drop by her “State of the Art” plant where Varda Chocolatier creates over 2000 chocolate “masterpieces”.  Made from Belgian chocolate and all-natural ingredients, these confections are delivered to prestigious hotels and clubs, served on board world airlines and cruise ships .

Her guiding  principle to success remains unchanged: “EXCELLENCE HAS NO OPTIONS” .

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